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*New Classes Start This Fall*

The Encounter 12 Anchors of Hope

The Encounter Study is a written curriculum and study designed to allow participants to go through a 12-week Encounter with God. It is based on biblical scriptures and principles that help participants focus on the truth of who God is and who God says we can be “in Christ”. Those truths can be found in God’s Word and can be applied to our lives to give us hope in and through (and despite) our life experiences and circumstances. 

An Encounter with God doesn’t have to be a one-time experience. We hope to point you to scriptures and truths in this study that can help you live a life surrendered to God, a life that honors Him, a life that relies on the faithfulness of God to help us every single day of our lives. We invite you to embark upon this study: Encounter - where hope can be found!

The Encounter study is for anyone who wants to discover true freedom and experience genuine joy and purpose in life. It truly is a study that anyone and everyone should do.

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